iTools by Eurotherm Limited

iTools by Eurotherm Limited 9.0

Web site management system for both small to medium-sized web hosting providers
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iTools's secure, domain-specific, browser-based Apache administration, using a 9th generation suite of tools, makes Apache on Mac OS X, the easiest Apache in the world to administer.
Main Features:
- Set up and configuration of name-based and IP-based virtual hosts
- Create secure web sites with SSL
- Create secure chrooted FTP sites
- Set up WebDAV for collaborative development
- View graphical logging displays of web, ftp and mail traffic
- Allow clients to manage their own web sites and view their own logs (without compromising the privacy of other clients)
- Manage MySQL using phpMyAdmin (via iTools web-based administration panel)
- Manage Tomcat and other web add-ons, such as Coppermine, Wordpress, phpBB3, etc
- Manage cron jobs to automatically perform administrative tasks at pre-set intervals
- Update iTools and ancillary open-source packages automatically
- View embedded on-line help and avail yourself of Tenon Technical Support

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